Do you need assistance with your accounting?

Why you need an Accountant.

We are a group of financial professionals dedicated towards assisting entrepreneurs, individuals in building world-class entities through the provision of professional, efficient and affordable comprehensive business services from company registration to business advisory and tax services. Our services make us a one stop shop for entrepreneurs who have a business ideas and want to build globally competitive organizations. Sanctum Business Consultancy pride themselves in an efficient service to get you and your company compliant and able to start trading within the shortest possible time.

Accounting Services

We help our clients to setup an initial Accounting System which is suitable for their business needs. Our accounting services include;

We can help you with your monthly bookkeeping.

We can help you with your reconciliation.

We can help you with your ledger updates.

We can help you with your financial account preparation.

We can help you with your budget preparation.

We can help you with your funding applications.

Benefits of organised accounting

Accountants create and maintain various systems for recording and reporting finances, as well as explaining and verifying their accounting facts and figures. The benefits of accounting to the financial health of a company or organization stems from the accountants’ ability to craft a numerical snapshot of an entity’s current standing and predict with professional insight what’s to come financially in the short and long term.

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